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Turn your artwork into profit $

How It Works

1. Submit your artwork. 


2. Specify if you want your art on clothing, posters, or canvas.


3. We post your artwork on our website and wait for it to sell.


4. Once sold, we ship to the buyer and send 15% of the profit to you. 


That's it!


No website to build.

Don't worry about spending a lot of time creating a website. Ours is already built for you.


No materials to purchase for resale. We provide all materials for resale. You purchase absolutely nothing!


Free Exposure.

Drive people to the website to view your artwork. It's free and  you could possibly turn a prospect into a buying customer.


Get Paid!

Not much more to say about this. 15% of the asking price goes to you, the artist, for up to 1 year. 

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