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As our country braces ourselves for this tragic epidemic; we understand the fear and feeling of the unknown. I, Loris Hervey, CEO of Horizing Up am by no means a doctor or disease specialist, but I do have belief. Belief in us as a nation. I believe we can stop this horrible illness in it's tracks if we just work together as one big family and team.


If CDC says keep social distance; that's what we should do. If they say don't gather in large or small groups, that's what we should do. And if washing your hands and sanitizing will stagnate this virus, by all means...we should do it.

My commitment to you is to make sure any order is handled with cleanliness and sanitation. I will do this by making sure our printers wear face mask while printing (a practice we did long before covid-19). We will wear fresh, new, gloves for each print run and discard of the used. We will wash and sanitize our hands before packaging and shipping.


Lastly, we are a small business and I vow if any of us were to get sick, I will shut down operation until further notice. 

This is my promise to you and I will continue to do my part.

Thank You and Bless Our Country

Loris Hervey


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